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Natural Toothache Remedies

You may not believe this but there are natural toothache remedies available all around you without you knowing it. You have seen them, but it never crossed your mind that the herbs you see every single day may be medicinal in nature. Well, brace yourself because I am going to show you which herbs can help when it comes to toothache.

Africa: Dental Care With Chewing Sticks

Chewing sticks have been used as toothbrushes dating back to the Babylonians some 7000 years ago. Today, this is still practiced in some parts of the world especially in Africa.

Before I go on, I would like to relate to certain facts that I experienced myself growing up back in Nigeria. As youngsters we took pride chewing on sticks. Not just sticks but sticks made from branches of specific plants. We knew exactly which plants. We plucked the twigs and chewed away making a kind of brush out of them. With these, we cleaned our teeth. We never used toothpastes and toothbrushes like the city kids of our age. Honestly speaking, I never went to see a dentist until I was over 20 when I was in the University in Europe.

I had to have one wisdom tooth removed because of the pain it had been causing me. I can still see the look on the dentist’s face when he examined my teeth. “Who managed your dental care?” he asked. “I never went to a dentist before”. I answered him. Oh yes, you Africans have healthy teeth. Little did I realize that certain Nigerian chewing sticks have antimicrobial effects.

Herbs That Ease Dental Pain

Many people are not aware that nature around you is full of herbs that can be used to relieve tooth pain. We will look at the most common ones and see their characteristics in toothache pain relief. Herbs such as Yarrow, Calendula, Tarragon and Cloves will relief you of pain thereby giving you enough time until you make a visit to your dental caretaker.

Butternut Tree

butter nut
It has been known that Native Americans use the inner bark of the butternut tree to relieve them of pain that is a result of dental diseases. This plant is native to North America. It is in the same family with the Walnut tree. The butternut can be found in back yards, along rivers, rich wood lands and on well drained area soils. It can grow as tall as 60 feet. Usually, the bark of the tree is applied to the aching gum.

Yarrow: Latin Name Achillea Millefolium

yarrow is one of the naturaal remedies for toothache
Yarrow is another plant that has anesthetic properties. The root is what is of our focus because it is the root that contains the anesthetic agent. The fresh root is applied to the area where the pain is most serious. The effect is a temporary relief until you can get to your dentist. You can see Yarrow herb growing in the meadows of Europe, Asia and also in North America. Therefore, whenever you see Yarrow plant in your back yard or in the field, don’t take it as just another common weed. Remember, it can help you relieve your dental pain should the need arise.

The Clove: Scientific Name Syzygium Aromaticum

clove for relieving toothache
This is according to an opinion (not mine) the best toothache remedy plant. I think this assumption is a matter of opinion. This is a free world isn’t it? Oh yes. The clove is an evergreen plant that is native to the tropical regions of the world. Now you should not be surprised to see that it can now be found all over the world wherever the climatic factors allow.

In a way, aromatic oil is extracted from the clove and the oil is applied to the aching part of the mouth whether the gum or the root of the tooth itself. Some people who have used this clove oil are ready to swear that the pain relief is almost immediately.

Dentistry Then And Now

In ancient times, even though they had healthier teeth than we have today due to several factors including nutrition, and lifestyle (they didn’t have candies and sodas), yet they had dental problems. The only help they were able to turn to were the herbs. When they had to pull out a tooth, they relied on alcohol to numb the area and then pull the “offending” tooth out with a pair of crude pliers. It may sound cruel to you but that was the only equipment they had back then. Today, the dentist clinic is by far more sophisticated and tooth removal is nowadays a lot easy and less painful.

Where To Get Toothache Relieving Herbs?

We are in the era of information technology. What seemed far yesterday is quite at arm’s length today. If you cannot recognize the plants mentioned in this article or don’t know where to find them, just go on the internet and Google “chewing sticks for sale” and you should come up with various sources where you can buy chewing sticks. If you live in Africa, just go to the nearest marketplace and you shall find various ones. In North America, the African shops should have them.

As for the cloves, yarrow and butternut extracts, you can Google those also. Who knows, you may even find them in your nearest Walgreens, CVS or some other pharmacy. The herbs are taking over because you cannot find more natural remedies for toothache.

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